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09,  · Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Season 5: Arnav and Khushi's accusations - Arnav and Khushi blame each o er for e unplanned meeting. Later, Arnav and Akash confront Nanda Kishore for sneaking into Khushi’s house at midnight. While Anjali looks at Shyam’s face at midnight, Shyam stares at Khushi’s picture. Apr 29,  · Arnav's parents called for a meeting in eir living room, so ey ga ered all eir employees (maids, butler, chauffeurs, guards, gardeners, cooks, etc.) to announce some ing. Okay since you're all here now, I would like to introduce Ms.Khushi Gupta to all of you Arnav's dad said to em in a generous yet a deep. e meeting was ra er exhausting and Khushi was pretty much on her toes all rough. She had to follow e meeting wi full concentration to make sure e minutes from AR were flawless. It was e first time Khushi had actually seen Arnav in his professional avatar. She understood very well what had made Arnav Singh Raizada e businessman he. Share your videos wi friends, family, and e world. 21,  · Khushi was wonder what Arnav looked for.She raised up a little to have a better view. Arnav Took one of her blue dress in his hands and looked at it for a few second, en shook his head in negative and rew it in e corner of e room. Arnav Khushi Saga by Candy, India. 5,033 likes. 22 talking about. Saga of arnav and khushi '' Doo Dil Ek Dhadkan Creater and Writer of Armav. e door opened to e Gupta family and Anjali took aar i before ey stepped. Payal looked lovely in her saree and Khushi stunned in her yellow lehenga. Arnav felt his brea catch at e sight of her. Her eyes searched for him and ey met across e hallway. Sparks flew and everyone around em felt e tension in e air. Enjoy e videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all wi friends, family, and e world on YouTube. Apr 29,  · Arnav asked. Khushi didn’t answer him and just ignore him and continued wi what she was doing. Arnav was frustrated wi her behaviour and got hold of e garden hose and pointed it at her. Khushi was completely drenched in a matter of few seconds. Arnav’s POV. Every minute or second I tried not to ink of her and control myself, e. Apr 11,  · Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Season 6: Khushi calls Arnav swami - Khushi calling Arnav ''swami'' amuses e whole family. Her en usiasm for performing her wifely duties irks Arnav. Meanwhile, Akash introduces Bubbly to Payal and Khushi. Later, Khushi disrupts Arnav's meeting to serve him lunch, but Arnav rejects e food and sends her home. 06,  · Arnav and Khushi went to Lucknow for.R upcoming show. After coming out from e air-port, Arnav told Khushi Khushi, I have a meeting wi Ms. Sheetal Kapoor at JBR Hotel. Will you join me or go to Sheesh Mahal directly wi driver? Arnav wanted at Khushi would come wi him because Sheetal always flirted. Khushi paused a moment, mentally reviewing her calendar. Sure Anjali Di. I can stop by evening. See you evening! Arnav stopped halfway to e door listening to his Di. Evening huh? He resumed striding to e door and e world looked a tad brighter. Khushi stepped out of her Bua’s landlord’s home confusion writ large on. Khushi and Arnav have a love-hate relationship in eir ried life, constantly bickering but also caring for each o er. Khushi brings Arnav to her aunt's house to irk him more, and bonding rough eir time toge er, she soon finds out why Arnav ried her in a rush. She tries to justify her innocence to Shyam, but he does not believe her. Apr 29,  · Arnav’s POV. e next morning Khushi woke me up and handed me a mail from Annie. It looked like an invitation for a party or some ing. However, before I read e mail I ided to go and wash up and change my clo es. After at I ate my breakfast . Destiny has a way to give you what you never expected. Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Mon-Fri at 4pm only on StarPlus. Apr 29,  · Karan answered smiling at me and Khushi. Wait, give me a second you come wi me! I demanded grabbing Khushi’s hand as we went to e balcony to talk about what happened last night. Khushi’s POV. After Arnav friends left, I went to e living room to start my cleaning. While I was busy cleaning Arnav came and sat on e couch. 15,  · Arnav said to his mum, I like her for a girl, i mean she is fun. Shes not like normal girls . Arnav mum lhed I ink i just met my future dhte rin law MUM! ird Meeting. Flower show a year later ARNAV, ARNAV,ARNAV A four old Khushi launched herself at him, Arnav picked her up and swung her round. Five days had gone since meeting e Guptas for e first time. Arnav had gotten close to Khushi's family, he often went ere to play games wi Shree or have home food. He had accepted Aliya as his little sister, causing him to respect girls more and aunty was ano er form of his mo er. Regarding Khushi, he was confused. Aman is always be e person who spoil e romantic moment between Arnav and Khushi. Now he can tease Arnav along wi Lavanya knowing Arnav is feeling some ing different tods Khushi. Finally ey are meeting face to face. Hope Khushi clears e misunderstanding he has tods her. 06,  · Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) fans, were superexcited as e show completed nine years on Friday, e 6. Here are e memories and romantic moments of Arnav and Khushi. Arnav walked in to e living room coming from office. Khushi saw Arnav and hided e bowl of ice cream behind her. Khushi(pecking his lips): Hi baby. Arnav: Hi babe. Khushi:How was work? Arnav: stressful. I had 3 meetings in 1 hour. Khushi(kissing his cheek): Oh! Relax a little. I will give you a massage. She settled behind him and Arnav. Akash: Oh god! Bhai our meeting. Arnav: It’s ok Akash. Aman called and I had him cancel all our meetings today and said we were not coming. I will get Aman to re-schedule em.s.a.p. Khushi: Oh my! My dabba service. I have to call Shuklaji. Arnav: It’s ok Khushi. I told Aman to sort all at out for you. Khushi just looked at him shocked. Leaning ford Arnav placed a kiss on Khushi’s cheeks, sealing his fate wi hers and tying her destiny to him. It was a simple gesture, but yet it was e firsts of eir many ey shared. Time came to a standstill at very second, while she stared at him wide eyed, he looked at her wi a . 20,  · Khushi realized what Arnav was inking and kept her hand on his shoulder. Arnav calmed down, turned tods her and smiled. No, at was not e first time. Now, I am not going to give you any clues. You will know when we reach ere, lared Arnav. Khushi sulked a bit but smiled soon enough when Arnav started teasing her brooding face. Arnav and Khushi are as different as chalk and cheese. While Arnav is rich and arrogant, Khushi is bubbly and well-mannered. In eir first meeting, eir worlds clash into a of words. But soon enough, eir intense hatred for each o er turns into a blissful love. Khushi is a bubbly, innocent, loving girl whom e arrogant Arnav has rubbed. Arnav and Khushi's love story is filled wi fun, drama, romance and emotions in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. e last episode showed at Arnav ides to ge. Khushi has started narrating her story to A amma (Buaji in telugu). She told her about her parents dea, adoption by guptas, meeting Arnav, hate riage and subsequent second riage. Arnav and Khushi left early after breakfast to Agra.. + Khushi is inking about e times ey went to Agra.. First time ey went, goons attacked em, second time ey consummated eir riage and don't know what ird time will happen.. She have a gut feeling at some ing is going to happen.. +. Feb 26,  · Khushi saw Arnav and saw e look in his eyes, TROUBLE – BIG HUGE TROUBLE! she had better sort it out in a flash of a second or all hell would break loose. Khushi jumped of e bed in a flashand launched herself at Arnav hugged him and en . 29,  · Akash and Payal are seen toge erS4 E1429 . While Shyam evades Anjali’s questions, Akash is excited about meeting Payal. Coincidentally, Arnav and Khushi also happen to meet each o er in e same restaurant. ey argue and en see Akash and Payal toge er. A series of 21 one-shots (or moments), which span just under four mon s and show how Arnav and Khushi came to be in a secret relationship. is is e second in a four-part series set in e Secret Romance AU. I highly recommend reading Happy New Year (Secret Romance 1) for context. 13,  · Arshi’s Date to e Derby – Arnav takes Khushi on a date. (Lovely Ed Sheeran song included) Khushi’s ASR Avatar – Arnav and Khushi are ried and live at eir own home. ey already have a child and now ano er baby on e way. During Khushi’s pregnancy, she becomes a little like her husband’s ASR image. Arnav looked at Khushi angrily who placed e bowl in her lap and prepared to feed Arnav. Arnav stared at her angrily, while Akash left e room quietly. Akash hoped at Bhai wouldn't hurt Khushi. Khushi was so kind wi a carefree attitude about life. He just hoped at Khushi could reach Arnav and help him come out of his depression. Arnav and Khushi returned from a meeting from Shimla to Delhi. When ey were in eir middle way, eir car broke down. Outside it was raining and undering. Arnav and Khushi came out from e car to search a shelter for staying e night. After 5 minutes distance, ey saw a hut. ey went tods it. Apr 13,  · Khushi pouted at Arnav and waited –five minutes –tick tock, ten minutes tick tock, fifteen minutes tick tock. Enough was enough she had to get him off at phone. e see rough cabin had long ago had blinds and one way mirrors placed all looking out. Khushi . After some time Arnav heart started beating fast indicated Khushi's presence near him.. he want to go out to check his Khushi.. he was about to go out but stopped as e door opened.. On e o er side even Khushi's heart started beating fast and see know e reason for it. 27,  · Interesting. Khushi is a cast member and has feelings for Arnav eir director who is ried and has a dhter. Does she know at. For a second when I was reading e first few lines I ought khushi was being left at alter because e groom has someone else in his life and she is just a passing cloud wi whom he got too involved and realized it later. ,  · Khushi found e hole and sized it up,it was a little overgrown but she could still wriggle rough e fence,she would have to go butt first but she could still make it rough. Arnav and Akash pulled into eir drive unexpectedly eir meeting had been cancelled and Nani ji had called em bo home for lunch to discuss eir futures. Arnav stood in e middle of eir room wi hospital reports in his hands. Air sucked out of him as he read e name of his wife on e reports. Khushi Ku i Gupta Singh Raizada. DNA reports of Arnav Singh Raizada and Aarav. Bile rose up his roat clogging and burning e back of his roat. His hands fisted trying to hold in e bubbling anger. 08,  · Ashen face, quivering bodies and umping hearts -Arnav and Khushi sat gazing at each o er unblinkingly. Arnav did not want to miss a single flick of expression at made way to her face. He waited brea lessly, almost afraid of e realization at was imminent. Khushi also waited. For e flood of memories to topple e. Dedi tera devar dewaana😙😙😙🤣😂☺️. 18,  · Arnav walked into his bedroom, tired. He stopped at e door and smiled as he watched Khushi sitting on e bed, watching television. He placed his laptop bag on e recliner, saying Khushi, I am sorry I got delayed. e meeting ran.. He turned around as he realized at Khushi hadn't said any ing. She was. 03,  · In e ird meeting, Anjali had looked up at Khushi and acknowledged her presence. at was e achievement for at day. Arnav would sit in e waiting area, waiting patiently, while Khushi would go in for about half an hour, trying to give his sister a new life.

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