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He identified point wi an indention ration of 0.93 or less as a Elko Corner Notch, and points wi an indent ration greater an 0.93 as Elko Eared. Homer (1980) tried to distinguish statistically e difference between e Elko Corner Notch and e Elko Side Notch. Date Range: Elko Eared: 3740 – 3300 B.P. (Lyndon 2005) Elko Side/Corner-notched: 8000 – 6200, 5000 – 3400, and 1650 – 950 B.P. (Lyndon 2005) Size: Elko Eared – Average: 35.4 mm long, 21.2 mm wide, and 5.1 mm ick. stem leng: 9.5 mm (Lyndon 2005:Table 9). Elko Points, Elko cluster, or Elko eared, are a form of chipped stone projectile points associated wi cultures of e nor western United States. Sometimes also called Desert Corner Notched, Eastgate, Elko Corner Notched, Hell's Canyon. ey were first discovered in situ in a site near Elko, Nevada, hence e name, Robert Heizer and M.. Baumhoff in 1961. Elko arrowheads were used 4,000 to 1,500 years . tracey edmonds dating who 19- - 04:51. 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Dating Of Elko Eared Rojectile Points, negativentwicklung online dating, cheerleaders dating site, estey organ dating Grâce à notre site mobile, et son interface pratique, restez en contact avec tous Dating Of Elko Eared Rojectile Points les membres Oulfa. Connectez-vous sur Oulfa mobile. 13,  · 0 Free Online Dating, Personal Ads, and Matchmaking Service for Singles at, dating of elko eared rojectile points. com.JustSayHi. com Free Online Dating Service, Dating Site Free. Welcome to Projectile Points Arrowhead Identification Guide, e largest most comprehensive on-line identification guide. We currently have over 2,600 unique points listed, and many more points soon to be listed. Most points have multiple examples pictured, o er sites have more pictures currently, but wi your help our database. e Elko Split Stem variant is commonly included in e Elko Eared type due to hafting similarities (Justice, 2002). e Gatecliff Split Stem predates e Elko Eared, but ey appear to be a continuum of technology (Justice, 2002). is point be an intermediate between e two types, or is point represent variations wi in e two. Projectile Points of Colorado. Projectile Point Identification Guide. Alphabetical Listing of Projectile Points of. Colorado. Name: Picture: Shape: Size: Cultural Period: Elko Eared: Expanding Stem / Bifurcated: Small to Medium: Late to Transitional Archaic: Valid Type: Elko Split Stem: Expanding Stemmed: Small to Medium. Great Basin projectile point taxonomy. ese classifications are convenient or designed types (cf. Hole and Heizer 1969:170-171), established by various archaeologists for eir time-space significance (Rouse 1960:317). We have undertaken to review e dating of e major Great Basin projectile point types and to add some new data. e points are large and stemmed, but e proximal portions are broken, making e exact morphology uncertain.(Moranchel ). ELKO. is designation was defined on e basis of collections from a site in nor eastern Nevada (Heizer and Baumhoff 1961). It has been applied to large, corner-notched, eared, or split-stem points. It was found in e lower portion of eTransitionalculture level which Grosscup dates between 980-505 B.C. Nearby Hidden Cave, in e Carson Sink, has been reported by Roust and Grosscup(n.d.)as having yielded approximately sixty projectilepoints. ree of ese came from a stratum called e32InchMiddenwhich. Projectile point petroglyphs at e Lago sino and Dancing Man sites bear a striking similarity to Elko-Eared (Lago sino) and Elko-Corner-notched forms (Dancing Man) (Figures 6-8). At e Dancing Man site we have bo hafted and unhafted images. e hafted point glyph from Dancing Man compares favorably to e Lovelock Cave example. At Lago sino all e images are unhafted. is point generally has a random flaking pattern, but vary to a parallel oblique pattern. Size Measurements: Total Leng - 24 to 88 mm (average 33 to 51 mm), Stem Leng - 7 to 11 mm, Blade Wid - 15 to 52 mm (average 18 to 24 mm), Neck Wid - to 32 mm (typically 13 to 17 mm), Stem Wid - 13 to 42 mm (typically to 20 mm narrower. e two Elko Eared points dating to ca. 6,800 years ago are probably Large Side-notched points. Elko-series points are corner notched and come in two subtypes. Elko Corner-notched points have straight bases, whereas Elko Eared points have concave bases at produce ears pro-jecting diagonally from e base (O'Connell 1967: 129) (Figure 1. e Elko was named and defined by Robert Heizer and M.. Baumhoff in 1961 for specimens found in Elko County, Nevada. About e Point Above (Left): e Elko Eared point pictured at e top left of is page was found in Oregon. e point is made from a glossy translucent black obsidian. Overall, e point measures 38 mm in leng, is 26 mm. ID Guides 2136 Animal Bone 153 Groundstone 247 Plants and Perishables 481 Pottery 986 Projectile Points 80 Mallory Side-notched 1 Bajada 4 Basketmaker 3 Chiricahua 4 Cienega 5 Classic Flared 1 Clovis 6 Cohonina 3 Cortaro 2 Desert Side-notched 5 Eden 1 Elko Series 7 Folsom 3 Gypsum 3 Jay 3 Pinto/San Jose 5 Plainview 2 Pueblo Side-notched. O er Names: Gypsum Cave, ustin, Pelona, Elko Contracting Stem, Gatecliff Contracting Stem. Comparisons: ere are similar, but geographically distinct types in sou ern California and in e Channel Islands. Compiled from e following sources: Justice, Noel D. (2002) Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of e Sou western United States. ere are many projectile point types repre­ sented at FRE-137 (Figure 2). e most prevalent projectile points are Rosegate Series, 26.6 of total, and Desert Side-notched, 17.2 of total (Table 1). Results of hydration studies for pro­ jectile points and debitage suggest at e average reading for projectile points is later an e. 1, - Description of e Elko Eared Projectile Point. Elko Eared Projectile Point (O er Keyword) 1-4 (4 Records) Archeological Survey of e Tub Flat Spring Development and Pipeline, Wayne County, Utah (1981) DOCUMENT Citation Only Apryll Killpack. is resource is a citation record only, e Center for Digital . CORNER NOTCHED PROJECTILE POINTS. Afton Benton Stemmed (2 points) Big Creek. Bolen. Brewerton Corner Notched (4 points) Castroville. atur. Ensor - Split Base. Etley (3 points) Elko Eared (2 points) Ferry. Hardin Barbed (3 points) Grand. Hopewell - Snyders. Jack's Reef Corner Notched. Kirk Corner Notched (3 points) Lost Lake (2 points. Projectile Points. e first eight pictures are projectile points at have been knapped wi e flake over grinding technique. e rest of e points have not been ground. All e points shown here have been heat-treated. Elko Eared: Made of petrified wood from Oregon. Rose Gate Point.

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