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16,  · SQL Server on e server at will host Persistent Chat Server database. If Persistent Chat Server compliance is required: SQL Server on e server at will host Persistent Chat Server compliance database. Any user who is a member of e local Administrators group. Supported harde for Lync Server in e Supportability documentation. e Persistent Chat Server role is optional, and not all deployments include is role. If e role is not implemented, ere is really no ing to worry about here. In e event at e Persistent Chat Server role is deployed, it could be on a arate pool and have a different set of databases an e rest of e Lync deployment. Duration Start time End time Object name 600022417 -01-29 :12:09.080 -01-29 :22:09. 3 procProcessADUpdates On e SQL server hosting e Persistent Chat Database (MGC) Expand e MGC database Tables Start LYNC services on e Persistent Chat Servers. 11,  · We will be using a arate 2008 R2 server o er an where Lync is install on. is SQL server has one instance (default), wi many databases created on is instance for many different apps in our environment. e Persistent Chat service (which replaces e Group Chat service used in Microsoft Lync Server 20) provides organizations wi messaging and collaboration capabilities similar to ose found in Internet discussion forums: users can exchange messages in real-time, yet can also revisit and restart ose conversations at any time. Conversations can be based around specific topics, and ese. Recover e pri y Persistent Chat database (mgc). Establish mirroring for e new pri y database. e Persistent Chat compliance database (mgccomp) is not failed over. e contents of is database are transient and are purged as e compliance adapter processes e data. It is your responsibility, as Persistent Chat Administrator, to correctly manage e adapter output to avoid data . Feb 24,  · ChatUpgradeVerifier is a Persistent Chat specific database comparison tool. e tool compares ei er e Group Chat 2007 R2 or Group Chat 20 Database (2007/20 Db) to e Persistent Chat Database (Db). e tool will check, one by one, each category, Persistent Chat room, and add-in in 2007/20 Db to see if it appears in e Db. Is ere is a Lync Persistent Chat Database grow calculator? Hi, Just wanted to know e space requirement for Persistent Chat Database for 80000 users, please let me know if ere is any calculation. anks,-Hareesh. is read is locked. You can follow e question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to is read. Type in a Name for your persistent chat category and select who can have access to e category. is category will be e container at holds a set of chatrooms. Click Commit when finished. Next, select e Persistent Chat Policy tab and double click on e Global policy. Check Enable Persistent Chat . 16,  · Lync Persistent Chat Database: It is used as e main repository for Persistent Chat service (Known previously wi Group Chat) and maintain user persistent chat data. Lync Persistent Chat Compliance Database: maintain compliance data for is user service Lync uses mgccomp database. 27,  · Below is a collocated p chat database on a Standard Edition server. Export-CsPersistentChatData -DBInstance lyncse02.uc\rtc -FileName c:\temp\ Now we have an export and backup of our current Lync P Chat data and config. Guess what we need to do next. Yep import at bad boy into SfB p chat database. 4. 03,  · Persistent Chat, not to be confused wi Incessant Chat (which is what comes out of my five year old on long car trips), is a platform for ICQ-style chat rooms built right into Lync. By is I mean, it is a venue at allows you to create rooms at are stored in an SQL database for eternity, or whatever expiry date you configure e policy. Apr 09,  · Lync Server use SQL Server Express Edition (64 bit) for servers where Lync server role require local configuration database and SQL Server 2008 R2/ (64 bit) for Lync Back End, Archiving, Monitoring, and Persistent Chat and Persistent Chat Compliance databases. You can configure SQL mirror to achieve High Availability for Lync Back End PERSISTENT CHAT ROOMS AND TOPIC FEEDS. Lync includes persistent chat rooms where you can hold ongoing discussions wi e friends and coworkers you choose. Click e Chat Rooms button in e Lync main window (above e search box) to search for chat rooms, monitor chat room activity, and read and post messages. Check your current persistent category, Addin, Policy and configuration. is can be verified by checking rough control panel persistent chat tab or rough Shell. To Check Persistent Chat Category: Get-CsPersistentChatCategory -PersistentChatPoolFqdn Make a note of e current number persistent chat rooms. To Check e rooms: Get-CsPersistentChatRoom. select Name. 23,  · From e Lync Server Management shell execute: Import-CsPersistentChatData –DBInstance SQLPhatFQDNInstance –Filename . Verify e import by viewing e log file and inspect any nings. In is case, ere was a ning associated wi Import Categories . Don’t ignore e ning. 27,  · Export Lync Persistent Chat Configuration. Here you will need e database server and instance name where e p chat database is stored. Below is a collocated p chat database on a Standard Edition server. Export-CsPersistentChatData -DBInstance lyncse02.uc -FileName As we said before, depending on your Lync deployment, e Chat Server has to be deployed as a dedicated pool (wi Lync Enterprise Edition), or can be collocated (Lync Standard Edition). e Persistent Chat requires a dedicated instance on a database (mandatory in e first scenario), or could also be collocated on e local SQL Express (in e second situation). 31,  · A day of Persistent Chat Management Shell Today i was doing some P Chat and wanted to administrator it only via Lync Management Shell. is was for a single FE wi collocated P Chat. Create New Category New-CsPersistentChatCategory -Name SalesCategory –Description Sales Category –EnableInvitations -EnableFileUpload Remove Category Remove-CsPersistentChatCategory -Name . 06,  · Lync Server allows you to create a arate compliance database at keeps a detailed archive of every ing at happens in your Persistent Chat rooms. Persistent Chat compliance can be enabled or disabled at e site scope or at e service scope (at is, compliance can be enabled or disabled for a given Persistent Chat pool). Apr 02,  · Lync Server - Persistent Chat https: I've also verified at e certificate common name is our pool name and e SANs include e and server. I've also verified at only one cert it listed in e personal folder of e certificate store. en update Persistent chat database. Lync Persistent Chat Compliance database: In Lync as Persistent Chat is a part of Lync Servers role, so to maintain compliance data for is user service Lync uses mgccomp database. is entry was posted in Lync and tagged CMS, Lync, Lync , Lync Back End, Lync Databases, SQL on April 9, by Ajay Kakkar. In e left pane, expand e Lync site where Persistent Chat will be installed, expand Lync Server , and en right-click on e Persistent Chat pools node and select New Persistent Chat Pool. 5. At e Define e fully qualified domain name (FQDN) screen, enter e FQDN at will be used for e Persistent Chat pool. Apr 15,  · Lync – How to Backup Persistent Chat. By Adam Lee April 15, 4, Blog, e Database instance at e Persistent Chat data is located: Save my name, email, and website in is browser for e next time I comment. 17,  · e Persistent Chat Database (including Compliance Database) is supported for installation on e Lync SQL Express instance utilized by a Lync Standard Edition Front End Server. If using Lync Server Enterprise Edition, it is not supported to collocate e Persistent Chat role on e Lync Server Enterprise Edition Front End. 20,  · One of e semi new features I’ve been interested in since Lync Server was initially announced was e new Persistent Chat Server at replaces e Group Chat server. ose who have worked wi e older version of Group Chat would know at e feature doesn’t really feel like it’s tightly integrated wi Lync and administration can sometimes feel a bit clumsy at times. KB 4019178 y cumulative update 5.0.8308.992 for Lync Server , Persistent Chat KB 3213741 uary cumulative update 5.0.8308.984 for Lync Server , Conferencing Announcement KB 3212869 FIX: Searching for a user on Lync Mobile returns no results after e ember Cumulative Update for Lync Server is installed. Installing Group Chat. Now at we’ve prepped our database, we can log onto e new Lync Server 20 Group Chat server and begin a new installation as documented here. When prompted to specify a server and database name, you’ll put in e FQDN and database name of e server and database you just worked wi i.e. e new one. I have stood up a Lync persistent chat server. I'm trying to add a group to a chat room wi e following command PS C:\Users\xxx Set-CsPersistentChatRoom -Name Engineering -Members @{Add= CN=Information Technology,OU=Distribution Groups,DC=xxxxx,DC=com} However e command does not work. e database server cannot support more an one Enterprise Edition Front End pool, one server running Archiving, one server running Monitoring, single Persistent Chat database, and single Persistent Chat compliance database, but it can support one of each, regardless of whe er e databases use e same instance of SQL Server or arate. 18,  · In Part 2, we took a look at e installation process in e Lync Persistent Chat Pool. In e Part 3, we finished up e article series by taking a look at e client capabilities utilizing e Persistent Chat features. ere’s a lot more to learn in Persistent Chat and I feel I showed a small glimpse into e feature set. Persistent Chat can have total 8 servers in a pool, max 4 active and 4 passive at any point of time. Persistent Chat is e only Lync/Skype for Business server pool which can be stretched between two sites. It has two databases mgc for core persistent chat data and mgc comp for persistent chat compliance data. 15,  · Write e display name of persistent chat pool and click on next if you don’t want to use persistent chat compliance. If you want to have persistent chat compliance as part of e installation, select Enable compliance If is is not first persistent chat server in Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure en you can deselect Use. 03,  · Kao što je do sada poznato, Persistant Chat Server je u Lync Server sada zasebna serverska rola. U prijašnjim verzijama ukoliko ste željeli da imate group chat konverzaciju, morali ste da koristite neka od ird party riješenja, što ponekada nije bilo jednostavno za implementirati.Za dosta lakšu implementaciju Lync Server Persistent Chat servera Microsoft. 14,  · Main database of SfB Server and part of central management store which maintain e topology information, polices, configuration etc. and replicate a read only copy to each SfB server. mgc: Maintains user persistent chat data. mgccomp: Maintains compliance data persistent chat. 08,  · Management Pack: Lync Server Monitoring MP Version: 5.0.8308.0 Released: 12/8/ Publisher: Microsoft Microsoft Lync Server , Persistent Chat Compliance compliance logging Monitor. ID: Microsoft.LS..Monitoring.UnitMonitor.PairedEvent.PersistentChatCompliance.GC_COMPLIANCE_MGC_DATABASE_CONNECTION_LOST. 31,  · Skype for Business Server databases are as same as it was in Lync Server . Skype for Business Server installs SQL Server Express Edition (64-bit) for local configuration databases while SQL Server /SQL Server SP2 wi CU2/SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 can be deployed for Back End databases, Archiving, Monitoring, Persistent Chat and Persistent Chat . Apr 09,  · Great introduction to Persistent Chat. I would like to take is opportunity to introduce MindLink, e Business Critical Collaboration solutions built for Lync Persistent Chat. Visit to find out more about Lync Persistent Chat on mobile, web, compliance tool and o er connectors. Export Lync Persistent Chat Configuration. Here you will need e database server and instance name where e p chat database is stored. Below is a collocated p chat database on a Standard Edition server. Export-CsPersistentChatData -DBInstance lyncse02.uc -FileName . Today I had to installed Persistent Chat to our existing Lync Standart environement. Plan was use dedicated server for Persistent chat and second dedicated server for SQL Server . Installation was simple as expected. After successfull installation Persistent Chat service could not start. Why? I checked Event Log and found two Events. 07,  · Lync Server Persistent Chat SDK includes e pre-requisites needed to build applications at target Persistent Chat Server, e API and documentation to build e applications, and PersistentChatSDKRuntimeSetup.exe which is e redistributable you ship wi your applications. You probably won't like e answer but you can't do at simply via Lync's command line. What you are looking for is called Persistent Chat Room. For at you need to use e Persistent Chat SDK. What you could do is use a C program e..g How to: Send a message to a chat room to send messages to e persistent room. While troubleshooting an issue where e Front End Service wasn't starting, we notice at e Event Viewer Applications and Services Logs Lync Server had references to e local database unavailability: Log Name: Lync Server Source: LS User Services Date: 02/01/ 14:18:40 Event ID: 32122 Task Category: (06) Level: ning Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: . e top 7 new features in Microsoft's Lync Server Persistent chat, greater client compatibility, new conferencing features, and topology changes star in e new version.

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