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Cultural clubs include e Drama club or e Band. Bo are located on e bottom floor of e Practice Building. ey meet on Monday, Tuesday, and ursday, even if it's raining. Justice Confidant Benefits in Persona 4 Golden RankDescription123468MAX All points are while having a Justice Persona. Rank 2 Response 1What's wrong? +2Go ahead and ask. +3Response 2 at's right +3Nope - Response 3Response 3I do. I don't.I have you. +3 Rank. April e y ust ober ember ember uary February ch April . For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on e PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled where e heck is e drama club?. 15,  · e Drama Club is perfect to level up your Expression. As well as working on e Sun Social Link, every meeting you attend (even e ones at don't actually involve a . You overhear two girls discussing e fact at today is e day at sign Expression points for attending club meetings.(Yumi acts as e Drama representative in e Persona 4, ano er. If you join e Drama Club, Yumi Ozawa will be your official Sun Arcana Social Link and if you join e Music Club en its Ayane Matsugana. O er Notes e Sun Social Link, is one of e few Social Links at is available on raining days, so take advantage of at time period to rank it up. 16,  · Band or Drama - picking a Cultural Club in Persona 4 Golden. e next choice you'll have, a little after e sports club, is if you want to join a Cultural Club - which manifests itself as . 24,  · Join e Drama Club Scene, and is is Where Yumi's Social Link is Unlocked (Sun Arcane)..:D Check it out..:D SUBSCRIBE For More Gaming Videos and O er Entertaining Stuff's at CAN ENTERTAINED. As it stands in Persona 3 and 4, if you blow off your job or a drama-club meeting to hit up a hot spring wi a friend, you’ll miss out on e bonuses you would’ve earned by showing up but you also won’t be fired or kicked out. You’re never forced to skip a chance to socialize due to a family obligation and you won’t get in a big. Wi Yumi's help, you were able to complete e skit to e applause of e entire drama club. Yumi seems very happy. You went home. It's still raining, and it's supposed to continue all day tomorrow. is is just miserable. 4/29/11 Seriously is rain. Nobody wants to do any ing. At least it's going to stop tonight. VIDEO- e Fog. 04,  · 41:30 School Day 43:02 Day wi ie. Social Link Rank up 49:37 Part Time Job 51:01 Kou Call 54:26 Joining Drama Club 57:47 School Day 59:32 Quest 02 1:00:28 Story/Yukiko Shadow Boss Fight 1:17. For Persona 4 Golden on e PlayStation Vita, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Ant consequences of skipping club day or meeting?. Persona 4: e Golden Animation (ペルソナ4 ザ・ゴールデン, Perusona Fō Za Gōruden) is a anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures based on Atlus' Persona 4 video game. e series serves as an expansion of AIC ASTA's adaptation, Persona 4: e Animation, featuring new scenarios adapted from e game's PlayStation Vita port, Persona 4 Golden. 08, 2008 · You'll have e chance to talk to all your friends at you have maxed social links. eir locations are as follows: Y.., Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for e Playstation 2. 13,  · Persona 4 Golden, like most of e games in e Persona series, let’s you level up actual aspects of your personality. Going to drama club. Working e Translator part-time job. Reading e. 11,  · e first time I laid eyes on a Persona game it was wi Persona 3, where you summon bedazzled Pokémon by shooting yourself in e head in between classes, school clubs, and waifus.On paper, it sounds like e trippiest of animes got drunk and hooked up wi a PlayStation, and like any good mind-boggling anime, e oddities are a front for a much deeper plot. I recommend taking e Basketball Club over e Soccer club if you're going for a Max social Link file, because e Basketball Club's Social Link take less days to rank up. Al ough e chart shows at Soccer Club requires less points to rank up, ere is very little choices in Soccer Club at it end up taking more days. Persona 4: e Animation (Japanese: ペルソナ4, Hepburn: Perusona Fō) is an anime television series based on Atlus' PlayStation 2 video game, Persona 4. e story revolves around Yu Narukami, a young teenager who moves to e town of Inaba, where a mysterious string of murders is taking place.Upon discovering a distorted TV World and acquiring a mysterious power known as Persona, Yu. Persona 4 Golden General Discussions Topic Details. Game Softlock on e final day. (3/20) As e title says my game is softlocked and i cannot progress to e ending as e game says You should meet e drama club in e meeting room However when i try to enter e meeting room e game tells me i have no business ere, and en. 13,  · One of e biggest gameplay elements of Persona games is e friends at you make along e way.In Persona 4 e party members, close NPCs, and even some more distant characters represent e Protagonist's social links. By leveling ese up rough e story, you'll not only learn more about ese characters but power up party members, gain e ability to unlock powerful Persona, and . {Persona 4 is owned by Atlus and I do not claim ownership. is is purely for entertainment.} is is done in e eyes of Chie and it does contain spoilers for Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden, so if you have not played Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden or have not seen . Day by Day walk rough of April in Persona 4 Golden PC . Boss: Shadow Chie Shadow Chie is weak to Wind, which Yosuke ankfully has access to in e form of Garu. ,  · When is social link reaches Rank , Yosuke's persona will transform into Susano-o, and if e protagonist initiates a social link meeting wi Yosuke at Rank after uary in Persona 4. e social link of Yumi or Ayane. Starting April 25 you can ei er join e Drama Club (Yumi) or Music Club (Ayane). e Drama Club is on Practice Building 1F and e Music Club is Learning Building 2F. ey are bo at e Shopping District Nor on Sundays and Holidays. Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Friday. Can advance while raining. Yumi. Try to get new dungeons cleared quickly. e first dungeon might take a few days (ough it can be done in one day), but later on it's pretty easy to clear dungeons in a day. is frees up time to hang out wi people, and makes more people available for hanging out. Raising your SLink wi team mates provides e biggest benefits. 22.9k members in e persona4golden community. Persona 4 Golden, e greatest game of all time! Here, you can post questions, fan art, and any ing . Let's Play Persona 4 by Feinne - Part 2: 3/20/12. e Let's Play Archive Persona 4 by Feinne To be honest, I'd like to go back to e drama club. And at's how my long day got even longer Next Time on Persona 4: An Invitation in e Rain. One of e mini-games in Persona 4 Golden can be found in TV Listings, and it is e Miracle Quiz. is is a mini-game at will test you on e trivia at you encounter roughout e game. 4 points. 1 mon ago e way I saw it was more at Yumi has gone rough some serious shit and it was so much drama at she simply didn't want any more of at. Like she's saying stay if you want, leave if you want, but I don't want to go rough a whole dramatic conversation, have you . Persona 3, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus.It is e four installment in e Persona series, which is part of e larger Megami Tensei franchise. e game was originally released by Atlus for e PlayStation 2 in Japan in y 2006. e Nor American release of e game was delayed until 2007 due to issues wi e publication of. 20,  · [Next Up: A bro er left to pick up e pieces, drama club gets some real drama, and a kid who wants a life of his own] Naoki Konishi – Hanged Man. In Persona 3, e Sun social link’s Akinari brought me to tears. in Persona 4, it was e Hanged Man link wi Naoki. Naoki is overcoming e murder of his sister, who was unfortunately one of. Spring. Far from e city, time flows peacefully in is rural town. As e cherry blossoms scatter in e wind, a young man named Yu Narukami steps off e train at Yasoinaba Station. Yu has come. 13,  · Persona 4 Golden, just like o er games in e popular JRPG series mixes fantastical elements such as demons and e Shadow World wi everyday life . 21,  · Persona 4 Golden is a game so packed full of content at it'll be damn near impossible for you to NOT find some ing to enjoy about it. But it is also a game at has a lot of complex systems at can take a great deal of time to learn and use functionally. at's why I'm here: to make your stay in Inaba even better by giving you an introduction to many of e game's mechanics, so you can. e five words at codified Video Game Caring Potential: I love you, big bro!. roughout e game, if you score highest in e exams, Nanako gives you some very useful homemade accessories. After e final exam of e game while Nanako's in e hospital, if you check e cushion she usually sits on you'll find a writing assignment by Nanako talking about how her big bro is e greatest guy. is is e Analysis Entry for Persona 4. All spoilers are un ked ahead. e character development of each Social Link character and how ey relate to e Major Arcana: e Magician: Yosuke Hanamura e Magician represents willpower, ability, . 06,  · Persona Q: Shadow of e Labyrin is an excellent game for anyone looking to mainline old-style dungeon crawling, but series fans at want involved storytelling should ink . Lauded as a genius, psychologist Dr. Frost uses his belief at all humans are basically e same to guide his practice. His keen mastery of e human mind will strike your heart. is Webtoon was recently adapted for TV in Korea. Jason: Hey, Kirk. So you& playing Persona 4 Golden, and I&39.m playing Persona 4 Golden, and we bo have lots of ings to say about Persona 4 Golden. be instead of one of us reviewing. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a fighting video game developed by Arc System Works and Atlus.It is e direct sequel to e game, Persona 4 Arena, which is itself a follow-up to e role-playing game, Persona 4. e game was originally released in Japanese arcades in ember , and was released worldwide for e PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in . Chapter 4 School Day. I don't own Kamen Rider W or Persona 4. In e morning Yuto and Yugo were walking tods school toge er, ey arrived at e school and ey saw girl talking wi a couple of e boys from sports teams, e guys were Kou Ichijo and Daisuke Nagase. Kou looks a e twins and said:oh hey guys. Hey. ey said. Persona 4 (5296) Persona Series (1607) Persona 5 (700) Persona 3 (681) Persona 2 (87) Persona Q: Shadow of e Labyrin (78) Persona. Revelations Persona (49) Shin Megami Tensei Series (32) Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrin (31) Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types (28) Include Characters Hanamura Yosuke (2620) Narukami Yu (2185) Seta Souji (2158). 23,  · To be more specific, I’d say it has to be Persona 5 Royal, a Director’s Cut for e Persona series. e Persona franchise is an odd one. e previous numbered game was Persona 4, released on e PS2, which meant e developer completely leapfrogged e PS3 era to give us a banger for is generation on e PS4.

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